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Beyond Yourself: Superset


Beyond Yourself's SUPERSET


Is like nothing you have ever seen on the market when we are talking strong, we are not talking about a 405lbs Bench or a 225lbs Log Press....We are talking about smashing PRs, smashing lap times and smashing through all your fitness plateaus.


Just like many other products, we are bringing another standard-setting product, another quality ingredient, formula and scientific game-changing product.


Key Benefits

  • Amplified Doses to increase Nitric Oxide

  • Maximize Blood Flow and Exercise capacity

  • Decreased Mental Fatigu

  • Buffers Lactic Acid to Prolong Exercise

  • Decreased Muscle Fatigue

  • Elevate Athletic Performance

  • 9g Citrulline, 4g Beta-Alanine, 1.47g Agmatine, 750mg Hica and 300mg Caffeine

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