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Magnum: PreFo 50 Servings


Taste The Insanity!


PRE-FO is an incredibly sophisticated stimulant based pumping product. It can jack your energy levels up to maximum intensity in record time, but it also doesn’t make you feel sketched out and super jagged like most high caffeine products.


We’ve accomplished this feat by carefully finding the right combination of mind-altering nootropics that synergistically work with caffeine to create the ultimate energy experience!


PRE-FO is also maximally dosed with cellular endurance and vasodilation agents, which pushes more blood into your working tissue so your muscles swell up with a massive PUMP!


But the best part, and really one of the most important parts of any pre workout supplement, is the taste! Let’s be honest, pre-workouts that taste like garbage, you know, the ones that you plug your nose to gulp down, almost always end up in the garbage! PRE-FO literally tastes like candy, delicious, tasty candy! Enjoy any of our mind-blowing flavors!

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