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Our Boosted Bovine Collagen supplement is made from 100% pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen. Our collagen is enzymatically hydrolyzed for superior bioavailability. Collagen is an essential protein that makes-up ¼ of the total protein in the body. Bovine collagen consists of types I & III collagen. Of the 28 different types of collagen found in the body, these two collagens dominate...

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Premium chelated zinc-rich immunity & antioxidant supplement. 8 effective and scientifically-proven ingredients that support immune function. Potent doses of the most absorbable mineral and vitamin forms used, with black pepper extract BioPerine™ for optimal absorption.   Benefits - Helps support healthy immune function- Provides antioxidants for good health- Supports healthy glucose & energy metabolism- Helps maintain healthy bones, teeth, hair,...

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BOOSTED MAG-RITE is a high potency, full-spectrum chelated blend of the 4 most bioavailable forms of magnesium: marine, aspartate, bisglycinate and malate. Each form plays a unique role in the body and is readily absorbed without gastrointestinal issues. One capsule provides 210mg, plus 5mg of vitamin B6 to help increase cellular absorption.

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Boosted Marine Collagen™ is an excellent alternative to bovine-sourced collagen. Added L-Lysine, Glycine, Vitamin C and Biotin help further boost overall joint, hair, nail and skin collagen formation.


MCTs supply quick metabolic energy for physical and mental performance and are digested faster than regular fats. Boosted MCT Powder provides a nice creamy texture, for your hot or cold beverages.


North Coast Naturals L-Glutamine comes from a fermentation process of beets. Beets are fermented with probiotic cultures, which means a 100% vegan fermented L-Glutamine. North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glutamine is absolutely pure glutamine from Ajinomoto - the only glutamine manufacturer in the world with a master drug file number for L-Glutamine.

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Vitamin C is the most well-known and researched water-soluble antioxidant in use today. We use 100 % pure ascorbic acid powder with no fillers, colours, flavours or sweeteners.


Whey is a complete protein rich in EAAs and is one of the very best sources of BCAAs. Whey contains naturally occurring protein peptides that have been shown to support immunity. Whey protein isolate is an ideal choice for someone looking for a highly bioavailable tissue-building protein.

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ULTIMATE DAILY CLEANSE   Most North Americans only consume half of the recommended daily fibre. Ultimate Daily Cleanse™ helps fill that void by providing 50% of your daily fibre intake from real, whole-food based sources. Although fibre is essential for one’s health, choosing the right source, especially when you have gut issues, is critical.   Superior Fibre, EFA, Probiotic powder...

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ULTIMATE DAILY GREENS   A single fruit or vegetable alone cannot provide all that we need. Humans need a diverse, phytonutrient-rich diet that provides the full rainbow of colours found in vegetables and fruits. Phytonutrients are plant-based compounds that are known to play an important role in human health and offer powerful antioxidant protection.   You can’t beat Mother Nature....

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Unique 5-in-1 multi fibre + probiotic blend containing gentle-acting, easy-mixing, clinically-proven ingredients like Fibersol.® This dual-action supplement clears out the bad stuff with fibre while bringing in good bacteria for a light and healthy gut.