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Magnum: Acid 90caps


The World’s Only CLA Isolate


Magnum Has Isolated The 2 Active Isomers Of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) To Create Magnum Acid.


By isolating only the two most proven and effective isomers from CLA; cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis-12, Magnum Acid® inhibits fat from entering cells, decreasing the size and density of fat cells. This unique isomer combination also increases caloric expenditure through its ability to increase levels of norepinephrine (the body’s most powerful fat-burning hormone).


Lastly, the key ingredients in Magnum Acid® have been found to reduce hunger cravings and improve feelings of fullness (satiety), increase metabolism and boost protein assimilation to support lean muscle growth.

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